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16th December 2022

Rugby is really on the up with tremendous attendance in the activities slot with Mr Andrade and Rev. Radcliffe. Lots of games and festivals to come next term but our U13 side have set the standard already with a game versus St Edmund’s. The game began with St Edmunds opting to kick. KESW however, relished the opportunity to get their hands on the ball and the kick return resulted in an almost instant try.

Throughout the first 10 minutes try after try was scored by KES with pupils building in what the had practiced on training. The boys were breaking through the line and passing away from contact. Using their 2 on 1s which meant, by half time the score was already insurmountable.

The second half was played with KESW having just 9 players to St Edmund’s 13 to try and balance up the game somewhat, such was the KESW dominance.

KESW Sport Department

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