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King Edward’s is an independent boarding and day school for girls and boys aged 11 -18.

We are a school with a rich, historical legacy that runs nearly 500 years to today, which is welcoming and warm, has a friendliness, a sense of community and belonging. It is a school with a commitment and dedication to the care and the progress of the pupils we look after.

We are a small school, yet our local pupils can make friends from across the world, from over 40 countries, all here to have a wonderful, British education. We believe there is a richness in learning in a broad social, cultural and academic environment, where it is important that every pupil can flourish, where they can learn to be themselves; their best version.  What better preparation for the global world in which we live.

The opportunities, inside and outside the classroom, are wide-ranging to ensure there is something for everyone, providing academic success, where talents are discovered and true personalities flourish. We believe we are all part of the same story where we, staff, pupils and parents, work together to have ideas, to work alongside our children in a supportive way but at the end of the day, give the children the teachings, knowledge, experiences and guidance so they can write their own story – it is their show, their performance, their work. That is the journey we are on for the short time they are in our care.

“I want this lovely School to be unique, and happy in its distinctiveness. To be brilliant. To be an exciting place. To be a place of great exam results for the individual and wonderful achievements here and now; to nurture human beings, not just an 11 to 18-year old, but people who will go on to be happy, confident adults. I want it to be a school where the staff are learning alongside their pupils because this is a place of learning, a place of loving, and a place of laughter where we will treat each other well. I hope that we will have great fun and enjoyment in the things that we do and the flourishing of the pupils that we care for.”

Mrs Joanna Wright BA, Head.

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