Bursaries and scholarships


Bursarial assistance (provided by the School’s Foundation and the City of London, usually to a maximum of 50% of the fees) is offered to families where boarding or the King Edward’s style of education is a particular need. Applicants must satisfy the normal academic criteria for entry. Examples of qualifying circumstances usually include some form of trauma in the family such as the loss of a parent, where one or both parents are seriously ill or where there is a chronically ill or disabled sibling demanding much attention and time, with the result that the parent is unable to devote enough time to the child’s needs. The children of clergy, missionaries and other special circumstances may also be considered.

The level of bursary awarded depends on the family’s total income and assets and need as outlined. Each case is assessed annually in the light of any changed circumstances and, whilst there is no undertaking to align any increases with any rise in the school fees, once awarded, a bursary normally applies for the duration of a pupil’s school career at King Edward’s.

Our objective is to ensure that assistance is sufficient to cover the child’s continuance at the School.

Strong links with the City Livery Companies and other charitable institutions enable us to recommend other sources of funding in cases of additional need. These can help raise the level of support for those in greatest need to something approaching 100% of fees.

Additional means-tested support is available to current pupils for some school trips and instrumental music lessons.

If you would like more information on bursaries please contact our Bursaries & Charities Officer Fiona Kirton, email or telephone 01428686761


Academic scholarships

Up to 30% of fees may be awarded at ages 11 and 13 based on performance in the entrance exams, interview and competitive examination. Scholarships are generally tenable for the duration of a pupil’s time at the School, subject to continuing good performance.

Music, Art, Drama and Sports scholarships

Music, Art, Drama and Sports scholarships are available at 11 and again at 13. Candidates will be expected to have succeeded in the entrance examinations.

Music applicants for 1st Form (age 11) should have reached Grade 3 ABRSM on their principal instrument and should be studying another discipline, which could include singing.  At 3rd Form (age 13) the standard required on the principal instrument is Grade 5 ABRSM, and at Sixth Form (age 16) Grade 7 ABRSM. The Director of Music is happy to meet with prospective pupils and parents for a pre-audition.

Art and Design Technology candidates are expected to bring a portfolio, to take a drawing test and to complete an interview.

Drama candidates are invited to attend a 60 minute practical workshop, facilitated by the Director of Drama. Candidates will be expected to explain their passion for the subject, collaborate with others in an improvisation task, respond to direction and give direction to fellow actors, perform a monologue (of no more than 2 minutes. Free choice) and evaluate their own performance and the performance of others.

Sports scholarships are based on a practical assessment and evidence of county standard performance in at least one of the sports offered at King Edward’s.

If you would like more information on fees or scholarships please contact our Admissions Office, email or telephone +44 1428 686735.

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