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Nine Giants of Georgian Science come to life

18th November 2021

David Hall, Science actor extraordinaire, captivated his audience by becoming nine of the greatest Georgian Scientists for the King Edward’s Science Lectures on 17th and 18th November.  We welcomed children in Years 5 and 6 to Charter Hall from 10 local feeder schools – Greenfield, Conifers, St Andrews Woking, Pennthorpe, South Farnham School, St Edmunds,…

Cafe Scientifique presents – Relatively Speaking

1st October 2021

Mr Emsley, Physics Teacher, commenced the new series of Cafe Scientifique lectures by delivering a gripping lecture outlining the essential ideas behind Relativity. Using interactive media and pupil participation, the wonders of Einstein’s mind were explored. Pupils were intrigued when it was discovered that some other pupils in the Lecture theatre had increased in age…

New Director of Finance & Operations appointed

19th April 2021

Mr Dan Rogers was appointed Director of Finance and Operations of King Edward’s Witley and Barrow Hills School in April following Mr Andrew Lewis’ departure. Prior to joining King Edward’s, Mr Rogers, his wife Lucy, and their four children lived in Kent; their children have joined King Edward’s and Barrow Hills. Mr Rogers is a…

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