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Outstanding Achievements in the UKMT Senior Challenge

20th October 2023

In the recent UKMT Senior Challenge, 46 of our pupils put their mathematical prowess to the test. The results were impressive, with an admirable 25 medals awarded, including an outstanding 7 gold medals. Among the recipients were 2 remarkable Pre-6th Form pupils, Hongming G and Masaya Y, who displayed exceptional aptitude and determination.

What makes their achievements even more remarkable is that both Hongming and Masaya, who should have competed at the intermediate level, were entered into the senior category. Undaunted and with the help of the mathematics department, they rose to the challenge and not only secured gold medals but Hongming also achieved the highest scores in the school.

Hongming’s remarkable performance has earned him a spot in the upcoming British Maths Olympiad in November, an achievement that speaks volumes about his extraordinary talent. Only about 1000 pupils in the UK gain qualification to sit the first round of the British Maths Olympiad paper each year.

Furthermore, 6 of our pupils who achieved a gold medal qualified for the prestigious Kangaroo Maths Challenge. The mathematics department will work closely with all the qualified pupils to prepare them for the upcoming maths competitions.

It is with great pride that we share this story, and we hope it serves as a source of inspiration for all pupils within our school community.

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