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Europe goes to Tokyo

In association with Business Language Champions, King Edward’s hosted a one-day Modern Foreign Languages event called ‘Europe Goes to Tokyo’ inviting local secondary school pupils studying French, German or Spanish in Years 9 and 10.


In advance of the Tokyo Olympic Games the challenge was designed to bring together certain aspects of European and Japanese life.  And, in the spirit of the Games, focused on bringing the respective cultures together.


Teams of six pupils from local secondary schools, along with King Edward’s pupils, were invited to take part in a modern language European business challenge.

The day included a keynote talk on Japanese culture from a native speaker followed by a taster session of the language; a specific business challenge with pupils communicating in French, German or Spanish from a ‘shop’ to purchase goods.  Creating advertisements, producing an exhibition design and ‘selling space’ to foreign buyers and to create and give a 3-5 minute presentation in the client’s target language.  All aspects were judged by a panel of national and international guests and prizes awarded to the winners.

We invited local secondary schools to King Edward’s giving them the opportunity to spend the day working as 12 small teams in their chosen European language.

Pupils had to purchase materials for their various activities in either Spanish, French or German, create a marketing campaign and present to a panel of adjudicators.

Additionally, the pupils were given a talk about the Japanese culture and were able to learn a little of the language.

The day involved working collaboratively as a team with different schools with they ultimate aim of winning prizes. Throughout the day, the audience had the to opportunity to meet new pupils and discuss their tasks.

Pupil Involvement
Year 9 and 10 pupils from local secondary schools and King Edward’s pupils studying either French, Spanish and/or German.


This event takes place twice a year – in the Summer and Autumn Terms.

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