Business & Economics

At King Edward’s, our social sciences department encourages pupils to explore Business Studies and Economics.

Business Studies

Business Studies encourages critique and evaluation of business practice: pupils explore different theories of business, models and structures of enterprises and organisations and elements such as risk assessment, marketing and decision making.

We offer both A-level (AQA) Business and International Baccalaureate (IB) Business Management at both the Standard and Higher Level at King Edward’s in the Sixth Form. No prior knowledge is required, although we recommend that pupils have Grade 5 or above in both English and Maths at GCSE or an equivalent qualification.


Economics at King Edward’s encourages pupils to use a range of economic models and theories to evaluate and explore economic policies in the context of markets, the national economy and international trade.

Economic is a popular option at both A-level (Edexcel) and International Baccalaureate at both Standard and Higher Levels in the Sixth Form. No prior knowledge is required, although GCSE English and Mathematics Grade 5 or an equivalent qualification are recommended.

A one-year GCSE Economics IGCSE (Cambridge) course is also available to Pre-Sixth Form pupils.

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