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Sciences in this section embrace the core sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and Computer Science, Food Science and Sports Science.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics

King Edward’s Science Department’s specialist teachers aim to excite and fulfil curiosity in and across the scientific world

The Science curriculum is enriched across all year groups with relevant events; fieldwork in the School’s extensive woodlands, local commons and further afield to coastlines and more; lectures by visiting scientists to the School and trips to University lectures, for example the University of Surrey Lecture Series and The University of London Enrichment.

Science is a core subject from the minute the pupils arrive at King Edward’s with Biology, Chemistry and Physics making up a significant proportion of their studies from 1st to 3rd Form. 4th Form Science is central to their GCSEs, with a choice to take double or triple GCSE award.

GCSE double award science: Pupils study all three sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) but are awarded two GCSEs. Their GCSE grades are awarded on their overall performance across all three science subjects. This equips all pupils who wish to take one or more sciences forward at Sixth Form to meet course requirements.

GCSE triple science: Pupils study Biology, Chemistry and Physics as individual subjects, acquiring greater in-depth knowledge of the disciplines. For the committed young scientist, this pathway allows them to achieve three GCSE science subjects.

Pre-Sixth One Year GCSE Science

Pre- Sixth Form pupils follow a course designed by the Science Department to dovetail A-level Science courses.  The purpose is to prepare the pupils for practical investigations through training in experimental work, data collection, data analysis and evaluation as well as to ensure that each pupil has a strong understanding of the basic principles of each Science.  Examinations at the end of the year are to GCSE standard, allowing suitability for Sixth Form choices to be assessed.

Some pupils can opt to study the Cambridge IGCSE Physics over the course of the year.


Biology, Chemistry and Physics are popular choices at A-level. Pupils are encouraged to foster a spirit of experimentation and inquiry that is akin to university study. As a result, they are well placed to apply for a Science undergraduate course.


Computer Science

Continual advances in technology ensure the only certainty is that in the future we will use computers in ways that currently cannot be imagined. Our aim at King Edward’s is to provide a high-quality computing education to equip pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.

1st to 3rd Form

All pupils learn a broad-based Computing curriculum using a wide range of resources, developing the pupils’ thinking and programming skills. Throughout the course, we use Computing as the context for improving the pupils’ ICT skills to ensure that all pupils become critical and autonomous users of ICT. Key themes such as e-safety are covered.

GCSE Computer Science

GCSE Computer Science investigates how computers work and are used, develops computer programming, analytical, critical thinking, problem-solving and research skills. The course is highly practical with a focus on programming and computational thinking.

Food Science

Food Science empowers children to make nutritional choices for a healthy lifestyle, equipping them for independent living.

In 1st to 3rd Form pupils have weekly Food Science lessons with practical and theory lessons on alternate weeks in our newly refurbished Health and Lifestyle Centre. Pupils develop an understanding of where their food originates, how it is produced and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Practical cooking encompasses personal and food hygiene alongside independent cooking.   Theory lessons cover food production issues such as ethics, culture and sustainability.

GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

Pupils in 4th and 5th Form studying GCSE continue with a mix of practical and theory lessons three times a week developing skills through cooking a range of challenging dishes. Theory lessons cover a wide range of food commodities, nutrition, and scientific experiments. To extend cooking opportunities beyond the curriculum the Food Science Department host several exciting themed activities through the Clubs & Societies programme, for example recent sessions were Asian and Italian Cuisine.

Other departments venture into the newly refurbished kitchen to add variety to their classroom learning, which can be anything from following and creating a recipe in French, German or Spanish to designing and creating a nutritious post work-out shake.

Sports Science

Sport forms a fundamental aspect of school life for all pupils at King Edward’s Witley.  Many pupils opt to study this in further detail through our wide range of theoretical courses.

1st to 3rd Form

All pupils have the opportunity to practice in our core sports of football, hockey and cricket for the boys and hockey, netball and cricket/rounders for the girls during our Games afternoons.  There is also the opportunity to experience a wide range of alternative sports through the weekly core PE programme as well as the vast array of after school activities.  Pupils are often spoilt for choice!

GCSE Physical Education

Pupils in 4th and 5th Form have the opportunity to study GCSE PE alongside their ongoing games and core PE curriculum.  This is both a theoretical and practically based course.  Theory study includes anatomy and physiology, biomechanics and skill acquisition for example.  This is then complimented by the practical aspect, which compromises 50% of the overall grade, where pupils select a number of sports to be assessed in as part of their course.

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