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Pupil Progress

The Pupil Progress Centre caters for a full range of additional needs. Led by the Head of Pupil Progress, we support pupils who need learning support, English as an additional language and those who are gifted, talented and able. We are all specialist teachers who hold additional qualifications to cater for pupils with a range of needs.

Learning Support

We aim to identify individual needs at the earliest opportunity, and to quickly put support in place to ensure pupils reach their full potential. We strive to instil confidence to overcome obstacles; we emphasise the importance of perseverance and the ability to reflect on successes and failures in order to learn and develop. We help individuals to use their knowledge and skills to approach problems, and to learn from their mistakes.

Pupils are taught either individually or in small groups. The needs of the individual are closely matched with the skills of one our team of specialist teachers. We draw up Pupil Profiles, which we regularly review, to help staff to understand and meet individual needs within the classroom. We liaise with class teachers to ensure that the best teaching and learning strategies are being implemented to meet individual needs. All teachers are fully involved; we also keep in close contact with parents.

Our specialist teachers are skilled in subject support and in building confidence, self-esteem and teaching study skills. Our ‘open-door policy’ means pupils feel happy to drop in, and we can respond to challenges that arise on a day-by-day basis, thus empowering them to reach their full potential.

We offer supported ‘Homework Clubs’ over the course of the week, which is open to all pupils and provides an opportunity to receive help from our experienced staff so that prep is understood and completed.

Gifted, talented and able

We identify gifted, talented and able pupils through qualitative and quantitative measuring and in consultation with staff. Each pupil has an Individual Challenge Plan and the Head of Pupil Progress liaises with teaching staff to monitor their progress through the School. We aim to stretch and challenge each individual to ensure they reach their full potential.

We run a Gifted and Talented & Scholars Programme designed to add breadth and depth to pupils’ educational experience and to promote excellence across the curriculum. Departmental teachers strive to develop pupils’ abilities to enquire through discussion and reading, and by providing enhanced and extension activities to stimulate interest and to encourage academic development.

Our Artist in Residence, our Elite Performance Pathway and Music Scholars Programme ensure our talented pupils are offered opportunities over and above the curriculum. The co-curricular curriculum and Clubs & Societies that we offer also provide a range of opportunities to extend classroom learning and offer new activities. We work closely with pupils and parents where a child requires time out of School to perform national and international competitions in creative arts or sport.

English as an Additional Language

We are committed to making appropriate provision of teaching and resources to enhance our international students’ competent and confident use of English. After an initial assessment, pupils are placed in small EAL classes and receive specialist support to improve their grammar, understanding and articulation of English. Additional 1:1 input is also available if required. Pupils are continually monitored with input from subject teachers, tutors and house staff informing any decisions or amendments to their EAL tuition.

Pupils are prepared for internationally recognised EAL examinations (PET, FCE and IELTS) and are prepared for university entrance. Our specialist EAL teachers not only teach English as an additional language but are also happy to support other academic subjects in which EAL pupils are fully integrated and expected to take as active a part as their peers.

Tutorial Support

Our tutor system is a departure from the traditional, but one which enables pupils to interact with others of similar ages and opposite gender. The Lower School, 1st and 2nd Form, are in co-educational tutor groups by year. In the Middle School, 3rd to 5th Form, pupils are in co-educational tutor groups with pupils from each of the three-year groups, and where possible, from a paired House.

The Lower and Upper Sixth come together for Sixth Form co-educational tutor groups. This vertical system provides an ideal opportunity for peer mentoring and the development of relationships across the Sixth Form. They learn from, interact with and support each other. For the younger pupils, the experience of the older ones is motivating and informative. The older pupils have the chance to develop leadership and mentoring roles. Where possible and appropriate, the tutor remains with the group throughout the pupil’s tenure at King Edward’s, providing continuity and consistency for the pupil and his or her parents. Tutors meet regularly with their tutees on a one-to-one basis to discuss academic progress, targets for improvement and pastoral opportunities. Regular communication between tutors, pupil and families is very much encouraged in the belief that working as a three-way partnership achieves the best results in wellbeing, co-curricular and academic success.

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