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Foundation Pupil Profile

Beginning with the end in mind, we want to be a place that equips pupils for the real world, not just in the academic arena but also in the vocational one. We celebrate that our pupils do not always fit into a box.  We want to nurture vocational opportunities as well as academic ones. Our pupil is a global citizen, but what is that really, I hear you say?

It is someone that embraces change, which is inevitable, they are confident in themselves and don’t always have to follow the pack. They believe in something greater than themselves and celebrate diversity in all forms.  Collaboration is key, find the common ground and play together.  Make lifelong friends that will be your base for networking in your life and explore what can be done rather than accept what cant be done.

Bursary pupils mix with full fee-paying pupils. “Privilege” is subjective, some say bursary pupils are privileged to get sponsored and others are born into their ability to pay for an independent school themselves with all the opportunities that come with that. King Edward’s is an equalizer, it does not matter how you got into the School, what matters is how much you contribute to your own growth and the growth of others. Our School was a donation, built out of kindness and compassion, which remains our heart to this day.

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