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As part of Physical Education lessons, Head of Girls Sport, Mrs Pullen, is setting her classes a 20 minute workout to do each day.

Circuits are to be completed by doing each exercise for 30 seconds and taking a 30 second rest between exercises. At the end of the circuit, take a 3 minute break and start over again. Try to complete the circuits 3 times. Good Luck!

And remember,  focus on your technique rather than quantity. Attached is a demonstration of each exercise.

Day 1 – Burpees – Press Ups – Sit Ups – Squats – Tuck Jumps

Day 2: High Knee Jog; Plyo Lunges; Walking Plank; Criss Cross; Double Leg Lowers; Straight Leg Toe Touches; Bridge.

Day 3:   Squat Jump; Reverse Lunges; Plank (knee to elbow); Tricep Press Up; V Sit.

Day 4: Twist Jumps; Ice Skaters; Single Leg Roll; Side Plank; Walking Plank

Day 5- Star Jumps – Side Lunges – Press Up with Shoulder Tap – Plank with alternate tap – Mountain Climbers – Varied Pilates 100 – Sit Ups

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