Exploring Collage Showreel

Showreel by Miss Annie Edwards, Graduate Art Assistant.

‘Exploring Collage’ takes both the viewer and the pupils on a virtual journey through their own body of work. The pupils were first asked to create their own immersive worlds using retro National Geographic magazines, dating from 1950-1980, to achieve a linear aesthetic. They were created on green pieces of card which later acted as their very own mini green screens. Next, they created a large scale group collage which can be seen on the video as the slowest moving base layer. It merges all kinds of landscapes, animals and scenarios. The making of this involved a great deal of team work and communication. The final stage of production for the pupils was to direct, film and act in front of a green screen, physically interacting with their collages. Graduate Art Assistant, Miss Annie Edwards later complied all of the collage and film material the pupils had created into an animation, adding sound effects where needed.


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