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KESW Room 101 Podcast Series

Welcome to a new series of podcasts brought to you by the wholly talented and funny staff of King Edward’s.

These podcasts are not only designed to keep our School community connected, but also to give others a reason to smile and hopefully a small understanding of the kind of community that exists here.

Find out some interesting facts about our staff such as their favourite food, their biggest failure, where their curiosities lie and most importantly, what would they put in KESW Room 101?

There’s only 1 golden rule: You cannot put animals or people into KESW Room 101.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

We thought KESW 101 was absolutely excellent. You sail close to the wind, tongue in cheek, with your editing making the responses to questions all the more fascinating and fun.


Just wanted to say thanks for putting these podcasts together. They’ve provided an interesting and fun daily interlude. As I would have expected, you’ve done a very professional job. Maybe an alternative career on the airwaves awaits!


I’m loving the podcasts. What a truly amazing cohort of teachers at KESW.

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