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Quarantining at school

The School will open early (on 23rd August) for those pupils in the 3rd Form and above who require 14 days’ quarantine period because they live in one of the few countries from which the UK government still requires a 14-day period of self-isolation immediately after entering this country. This offer is only open to those pupils who need it on that basis; the onerous and restrictive requirements of quarantine make it inadvisable for anyone else.  In order to provide effective quarantine, any pupil who takes up this offer must arrive at School on Sunday 23rd August between 10 am and 10 pm. We will not be able to accept pupils who arrive after this time or are delayed; they will need to make alternative arrangements with Guardians.  The reason for choosing this date is to allow all pupils who are required to go through a quarantine period to resume normal school activities on Monday 7th September, when the School will be in full session after the induction and introductory week (1st – 4th September), but does not impose too long a period of onerous and restrictive isolation.

Pupils will be accommodated in one of the twinned Houses, to allow appropriately separated rooms for boys and girls. There will be appropriate supervision and care for all pupils who arrive early including medical care, should this be necessary, from our Medical Centre staff. A separate area will be set aside to deal with any cases of COVID-19 amongst those returning. WiFi will be available but it will not be possible to use, or have access to, most areas of the School, in accordance with recommended isolation procedures. We will provide as full a programme of activities and study as possible but we cannot guarantee the extent and nature of these. We will endeavour to provide or arrange transport from London Heathrow on Sunday 23rd August but this will depend on the arrival times of those pupils who take up this offer. Further details on these matters will follow when we know the level of take-up of this offer and when we have more clarity on the UK’s guidelines.

Please would you reply by email to if you intend to take up this offer, by 31st July at the latest, and as early as possible to allow us to make all necessary preparations.

There will be a non-refundable charge for the quarantine period, payable in advance when confirming a booking of £895.  Please contact the Fees Officer, Miss Lorraine McFadden, to make payment at or telephone (+44 01428 686794).

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