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The Pupils’ Memorial

The Pupils’ Memorial was erected in memory of the boys who died at the School during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Reading the names and ages reminds us how fragile life was during that time.  The memorial acts a register to all those who left us far too young.

Over time, the area around the memorial had become overgrown. In 2010, Mr Bertie Mawer (History and English teacher, Edward House Master for 27 years and Deputy Headmaster) and his wife, Dr Rosemary Mawer, began a campaign to regularly tend to the memorial.  In the 2017/18 academic year, the Old Witleian community raised £5,700 to restore the memorial and the surrounding stone; the stone edging was reset and the names were engraved on granite plaques which were attached to the original memorial.  The School is grateful to the Mawers and all in the KESW community who have contributed over the years to help maintain the memorial.

The memorial is located in the churchyard of All Saints’ Parish Church, which is on Church Lane in Witley Village near the junction with Petworth Road.  Church Lane is on the left hand side, less than a mile from the School immediately opposite The White Hart Public House.  The memorial is in the extreme north east corner of the churchyard.

North Face of the Memorial

  • William Arthur Upperton (died March 15, 1919; aged 14)
  • Frederick George Bullard (died May 30, 1919; aged 12)
  • Alan Cliffard Umbers (died Nov 2, 1927; aged 15)
  • John Bernardo Doxat Pratt (died March 21, 1928; aged 14)
  • John Alfred Percy Benn (died Oct 17, 1929; aged 12)
  • Huw Wyn Griffith (died March 2, 1935; aged 12)
  • Jack Winter (died March 4, 1935; aged 12)

East Face of the Memorial

  • Frank Scott (died Dec 1881; aged 14)
  • James Evans (died June 6, 1882; aged 14)
  • George Bamfield (died Sept 11, 1882; aged 14)
  • George H Mott (died Jan 28, 1884; aged 14)
  • William W Marston (died March 14, 1884; aged 14)
  • Charles W F Bull (died May 13, 1888; aged 11)
  • John Mansfield (died Nov 13, 1918; aged 13)

South Face of the Memorial

To the memory of the following boys who died at King Edward’s School Witley and are interred in this churchyard.

  • Thomas Newland (died Sept 21, 1868; aged 13)
  • William J Marshall (died June 25, 1872; aged 15)
  • Joseph C Drew (died Nov 9, 1873; aged 13)
  • George Dennison (died Dec 16, 1875; aged 12)
  • Henry C London (died Jan 26, 1876; aged 13)

This memorial is erected by the King Edward’s School Old Boys’ Association, May 1910

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