Physical Education

Sport for All or Elite Sports Development? The King Edward's Sports Department pride ourselves on catering for both and believe firmly that every pupils is an individual and, therefore, is treated as one. 

Maximising Sporting Potential

The aim of the school’s sports programme is to cover the needs of all pupils and to provide the opportunity for all our boys and girls to maximise their sporting potential.
King Edward’s is blessed with outstanding sporting facilities, as well as a group of knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers and coaches who work with the pupils to enhance both their sporting abilities and knowledge.  

PE and Games

Pupils access one hour of PE and two hours of Games each week within the curriculum plus sports activities available after school and at lunchtimes.  

The two-hour Games slot covers the 3 core sports which are Football, Hockey and Cricket for boys and Hockey, Netball and Cricket or Rounders for girls.  Rugby is also a growing sport in these slots.

Our school PE curriculum is based on current, cutting-edge research that suggests ‘Sampling’ is the most effective and rewarding method of coaching and teaching until the age of 15.  This is where pupils ‘sample’ a great number of sports and experience a wide breadth of physical study.  These activities range from the familiar, such as badminton and swimming, to the more adventurous, such as shooting.


From 4th Form, pupils may opt to study GCSE PE.  This is a challenging course where pupils will be assessed in both the physical and academic realm.  The theoretical aspects cover four main topics:
• Anatomy and physiology
• Health, fitness, and training
• Skill acquisition and psychology
• Social, cultural and ethical influences.

International Baccalaureate (IB) 

IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science (SEHS): This challenging course falls within group 4 of the IB diploma and covers aspects of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry relating to physical performance. Internal Assessment gives pupils the opportunity to develop extended research projects in areas of personal interest followed by final examinations.

Trips and Visits

We work in conjunction with the individual sports, related activities or academic study to provide trips to sporting events or facilities.  These trips are often to supplement the curriculum or to enhance the pupils’ experience of performance levels through competitive action.  These trips range from hopping on a ferry to taking a long-haul flight.

Emerging Athlete Programme Developing top athletes

The Emerging Athlete Programme at King Edward's Witley has been created for pupils who currently compete, or possess the potential to compete, at an elite level in their chosen field.

This programme identifies talented athletes and supports and nurtures their performance through a tailored training and development process, working in conjunction with the Surrey Human Performance Institute with the aim of achieving excellence in their chosen sport. Athletes are exposed to a variety of physiological and psychological training methods and tests so performance can be monitored and assessed over time to track progression.