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Activities, the co-curriculum and pupils’ leisure time

An adjusted sports programme will be in effect from the start of term in which all pupils will have the opportunity to take exercise, practise and refine skills in both competitive and recreational contexts. Details of this programme will be available to pupils at the start of term. Fixtures against other schools are currently suspended in line with DfE guidance. This will be reviewed towards the end of September.

The activities programme will go ahead, keeping pupils within their separate groupings by form. This will limit the range of activities to some extent; again, this will be reviewed later in the term.

Individual music lessons will go ahead from the second week of term. Special arrangements include moving these to larger rooms where we can provide distance between pupil and teacher.  Transparent screens will be erected. Ensemble rehearsals will take place in a limited way (socially distanced; where brass and woodwind are concerned, teachers will instruct pupils to keep the volume down in accordance with the latest guidance which clearly indicates this can be as safe as lessons where there is ‘normal’ speaking. All players will face the same way to avoid face-to-face contact; the positioning of each performer will be adjusted to allow maximum distance between them.) Maximum ensemble size has been fixed at 15 in the largest rooms available. Chapel will be used for the larger ensembles. Windows will be kept open whenever this is possible.

Individual music teachers will teach pupils sequentially in their groupings by form. Between each grouping, there will be a 20-minute gap to allow full disinfection and cleaning. In some cases, a different room will be used. Pupils will only use their own instruments except for pianos and guitars. In the latter cases, the instruments will be fully disinfected between every lesson. Practice booklets will be filled in by pupils only; teachers will not touch the books. Pupils will be provided with music cases, pencils and erasers.

Boarding arrangements
At weekends, boarders will not be permitted to use public transport to go into Guildford; weekly and flexiboarders should avoid using public transport wherever possible. The School discourages pupils from all outside visits that are not necessary. There is a list of approved taxi firms, which should be used for all visits off campus. When outside the school campus, all pupils should wear face coverings in all public places.

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