Arrangements for lessons

Lessons will go ahead according to the usual school timetable with the important difference that each year group will have lessons in a different zone of the School. So our principal pupil groupings
are allocated by year group:

Year Group Main Teaching Location Forms/Sets Lunch Toilets
1st Form Charter Hall
top corridor
2 Forms
3 tutor groups
3 sets for English, Maths, Science
2nd Form Charter Hall
lower corridor
3 Forms
Separate sets for English, Maths,
3rd Form South Side, top floor 3 Forms,
4 sets for English, Maths, Science
4a NS toilets
4th Form North Side middle
4a NS toilets
5th Form /Pre-Sixth North side top floor 4b NS toilets
Lower Sixth Business/Economics &
Maths middle floor
4b Maths/
Upper Sixth Maths lower floor &
Food Tech
4b Maths/

CH= Charter Hall QMH = Queen Mary House SS= South Side NS= North Side

This arrangement will limit the interactions between different year groups because, for the most part, pupils will stay within their ‘zone’, except for lessons in Art, Computing, Drama, Food Technology, Music and Science which will take place in their respective buildings because these subjects require pupils to be in specially equipped premises. Pupils will receive an up-to-date timetable in their first tutor period of term, with these details.

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