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Arrangements for meals

Pupils may purchase food at Breakout as usual but will not be able to remain in the Dining Hall before or after making their purchase. All pupils should spend Break time outside when weather permits; when it is raining, they should return to their House. Piccadilly Café is reserved for Sixth Form pupils only.

The water machines around the school site will not be in use while we are operating under COVID restrictions. Pupils should all bring a water bottle to School and refill it from House kitchen taps.

Tables in the Dining Hall have been arranged so that seating all faces the same way, to avoid face-to-face contact. Each table will be sanitised between uses. Trays of food and cutlery will be handed to pupils and staff with the plated meal of their choice to avoid transmission of the virus at that point. The food hygiene protocols set in place by our caterers represent best practice in the hospitality industry.

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