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Cleaning and hygiene including PPE


All areas of the School are cleaned daily. The daily routine will be augmented and will include alcohol based sanitisers and disinfectants, a wipe-down of all surfaces including banisters, door knobs, and door plates. Every classroom will be disinfected between lessons, or between uses by different groups where that is different. Houses each have a dedicated cleaner who spends a full day in his/her House.

We have increased the cleaning provision by ensuring the kitchens are thoroughly disinfected between the times allocated for each form. All ablutions areas and toilets have been equipped with antiseptic wipes for users to clean surfaces after each use and pupils will receive clear instructions on how to follow this procedure.


All members of the school community may wear a face covering. The School has purchased transparent visors for use by teachers when talking to pupils, because that provides a more ‘human’ aspect to our teaching and learning. Face coverings are not compulsory (except for a few staff and pupils in specific situations and areas that require it, who will be notified about this in good time) but some teachers may ask pupils in their class to wear a face covering and we respectfully urge everyone to comply with such requests. Therefore, we ask boarders to ensure they have a sufficient stock of face coverings at School, and day pupils to come to School equipped with suitable face coverings. The School will have a limited stock of face coverings which may be charged to parents’ termly bill. There will be times during the school day when pupils will have to wear face coverings which may be disposable or washable. The School has provided the means for safe disposal of PPE at various points around the site. Safe use of PPE includes the expectation that hands are sanitised using alcohol sanitiser immediately before handling the covering, especially removing it or putting it on.

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