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Welcome to the virtual world of music where it’s business as usual with more opportunities than ever before.  Individual music lessons are all going live on Zoom and there will be a Musician of the Week every Saturday. Small ensembles are all rehearsing as normal. Chapel Choir and Orchestra are rehearsing on Monday afternoons.

New Music Technology software is in the cloud and accessible from home. Gaming music and Dance Music in Music Tech Club is happening for budding composers. Bands are going to rock the house. There is something for everyone. All leading up to a musical extravaganza of KESW@Home Together before half term.



Arts & Crafts

There is plenty on offer from the art department to ensure pupils can have fun and be creative during the Summer Term.

The Photography project invites pupils to recreate an artwork using themselves, some improvised props, costumes, backgrounds and maybe some make up and hair styling.  Zoom sessions will be on Wednesdays for support and discussions.

Origami and Drawing tutorials offer plenty of choice for pupils to make or create. Pupils can find their ‘thing’ from Fashion design to perspective drawing; making an origami flexigon or losing themselves in a mindful, colourful spiral design. There will be group zoom calls on Tuesdays where pupils bring whatever equipment they need and work alongside others in a ‘free-choice’ art session. 



Mr Sibachir is running online tournaments for those interested in improving their chess skills and online lessons that will cover openings, puzzles, concepts, strategies and tactics. Tournaments will be held on Thursdays via the online platform


First Aid

Pupils can learn the basics of First Aid by downloading the First-Aid Self Teach workbook. These fantastic life-saving skills are an asset to every pupil.

Magic Skills & Tricks

Over the course of the Summer Term pupils will be learning and developing skills and tricks that they can work on at home and use to entertain themselves and others. At half term there will be a show of all the tricks that pupils have learned and they can demonstrate their mastery via zoom to the other participants. Card tricks, coin tricks and juggling will all be explored in this fun activity.

Play Script Writing

Mr Tobias will be leading a ‘workshop style’ activity in the Summer Term through Zoom. Play Script Writing may be something pupils have a burning passion for and have already experimented with, or may be a complete beginner and want to have a go, it really doesn’t matter.

Even if the play is never performed, it will be a very enjoyable experience indeed and pupils may discover they have a real talent for it. The activity will be an hour a week and so by the end of the Summer Term they would have spent roughly 10-12 hours perfecting a play script. The School will help print and bind the play and the final outcome will be a complete script which each individual has written from scratch.

Drama – ‘Monologue Slam’

This activity is for aspiring actors who have an idea for a monologue or would like to rehearse a monologue they are already familiar with. This includes poetry and spoken word and the sessions will be mixture of group and one-to-one coaching. This is ideal for audition preparations and LAMDA practise.

Drama – ‘Theatre Makers Club’

Pupils can collaborate with others to create an original theatrical performance remotely. Performances will be recorded and edited together. This activity should appeal to performers, designers, techies and aspiring film makers.

It will follow programs and inspiration from different theatre companies including Company Three, Frantic Assembly and The National Theatre. Each week there will be a meeting on Zoom and then pupils will work in pairs and small groups to develop characters and stories.

Textiles Project

This project aims to create a piece of textile art to document this immensely strange time that we are all living through at the moment. Pupils will work individually on panels or ‘blocks’ of fabric depicting images that symbolise this particular moment in history, to be joined together when we return to school to create one large hanging rather like a patchwork of our memories and experiences whilst we have been away from school. Each block will be unique to its maker using their style and approach.

Musical Theatre Appreciation

In this fun activity option pupils will discuss a range of theatre productions. By analysing different aspects of the productions, pupils can fully engage with the context of the story and learn from this.

Book Club

There will be two Book Clubs, one for Lower School and another for Middle School. A forum for each group will allow pupils to discuss which books they are planning to read and add any comments, opinions or thoughts they have regarding their books. There will also be audio books available for those pupils that would like to listen to some books.

Forest School

Pupils can chose their own activity or opt for one of the following suggestions; Sit Spot, Look and Learn, Bird Song, Miniature Forests and Natural Art. The aim of this activity is to connect with the nature around us.

Bake Off

Each week Mrs Turnbull will post a new recipe for pupils to try along with a video showing her tips and tricks to get the perfect result. There will be a weekly ‘Star Baker’ award for the best looking bake and bonus points if pupils can successfully adapt their recipes to cater for specific dietary requirements or if they can’t get the recommended ingredients.

Check out the Recipe for Week 1 here:

Economics Club

This activity will explore key issues in economics, including how the Coronavirus has impacted on national economies and the global economy, how governments are responding to the economic fallout of the pandemic and what the global economy might look like in the future.

This activity is open to economics students and non-economics students. It will not be terminology heavy. Rather it will attempt to help pupils make sense of the economic world we live in right now, and become more economically literate.

Investing Club

Investing club will follow a similar format to the typical school activity, albeit with some new features. It will be of interest to anyone who has ever thought about share trading. Students will set up a ‘virtual portfolio’ (not real money). Each week videos will be shared to help pupils practise trading. There will also be a weekly competition that requires students to guess the share price of a company at a future date.

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is a role playing game, where you take on a character, and then go on adventures using the theatre of the mind, and plenty of dice rolling to bring in the element of surprise and risk that makes adventuring fun. Pupils will be sticking to the core rules which are widely available for free online.

Sports Performance Book Club

For this activity, pupils will read “The Sports Gene: Talent, Practice and the Truth About Success” by David Epstein. This award winning book gets to the heart of the great nature vs. nurture debate and explodes myths about how and why humans excel and forces us to rethink the very nature of success. The idea of this activity is for pupils to understand and discuss whether athletes are born or made. Over the course of the term the group will meet once a week to discuss findings.

An online version of the book can be found here:


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