Service and Community

Christian Union

This activity focuses on what it means to be a Christian and to have Christian values. Pupils will be encouraged to read the bible, pray and to live out their faith in the COVID-19 world that we live in.

Film making – life under lockdown

Right now we are living through a hugely significant period. In order to record this important juncture, we would like to create a social history record of what our pupils lives are like right now, living under lockdown, ideally from as many pupils as possible and from as many different places as possible. Thinking about questions such as – How has your life changed? What is daily life like? What have been the good bits and the bad bits? We would like pupils to create short films about how the lockdown has affected their lives, to then put together to form a ‘KESW@Home: Life under Lockdown’ documentary.

Home Bug Conservation Project

There are a lot of insects and ‘bugs’ that are beneficial in our gardens. Many eat other bugs that we often try to avoid having in our gardens because of the damage they do. Rather than use insecticides, which can affect other animals, and the environment adversly, why not do it nature’s way? This project encourages pupils to make a ‘Bug Hotel’. Pupils will think about some ideas on how they might make one, taking inspiration from the things they might already have lying around their garage, garden or shed. Then they will make one following some tutorials and guidelines.

Remote Volunteering Opportunities

Mr Baynes will be running a volunteer programme in which pupils can safely and remotely volunteer for various projects. Some examples include writing Postcards of Kindness, performing Random Acts of Kindness and some Social Action ideas.

Bird Box Home Conservation Project

This is a DT activity. During the Spring, birds need to find suitable places to build nests. With habitat reduction from human encroachment, some species have found it difficult to maintain their numbers. The good news is that they readily take to new nestboxes we put up. You can put up a starling box whenever you like, but early spring is ideal – ready for the nesting season, which starts in April. Pupils will be given a guideline explaining how to make a bird box with some variations if they cannot access all the required equipment or tools. Pupils must get permission from adults before joining this activity.

Community Podcasting

Based on the success of the KESW Easter Podcast series, pupils can now join this activity and start to create their own podcasts for the community. During the activity programme they will learn how to record and edit material, before finally releasing a podcast to the wider community (once Mr Gardner has approved its content).

Community Quiz

This activity will be all about quizzing each other whilst also aiming to test the knowledge of the rest of the school. During the activity slot pupils can create quizzes to test out each other and then work as a team to create a weekly quiz for teachers and fellow students to have a go at. It will be a social and discussion based activity where the students can dictate the theme and pace of the session to suit their needs.

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