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Welcoming back our 4th Form Pupils

We are delighted to have welcomed back many of our 4th Form pupils on Monday 15th June. Pupils are taking core subjects (English, Mathematics, Science, Modern Foreign Languages) and are enjoying an afternoon sports programme. There is be a focus on pupil wellbeing and pastoral care as well as giving pupils the chance to socialise with friends they have not seen for a number of months.

We are also now welcoming back many of our Lower Sixth Form pupils on Thursday 25th June and Wednesday 1st July on site. They are using our library facilities, continuing to follow the distance learning programme whilst on site and enjoying sports and music in the afternoon.

We continue to offer a full online learning experience for all of our pupils, including those pupils in our Lower Sixth and 4th Form who are not returning on site, during the Summer Term.

Understandably, there will be many questions surrounding pupils’ return to the School. We have answered a number of these in our Q&A. If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact Mr David Corran, Deputy Head, on

Q: Why has the School decided to re-open?

We would love to be able to welcome back all pupils and we look forward to doing so.   Guidance from the Government is clear that schools need to re-open in a phased way. The teaching and learning of #KESW@Home has been very well received and effective but it will be great for pupils to see each other and to have some different interaction from the previous few months. We hope that it will be emotionally and mentally beneficial.

Q: Why is the School only reopening for 4th Form pupils?

The 4th Form have been identified as particularly vulnerable to both social and academic consequences of school closure.

Q: Will the School be open for 4th Form pupils until the end of the Summer Term?

Yes, on Mondays and Tuesdays from 15th June.

Q: What are the timings for the school day?

We will keep to the usual timings during the morning with the exception of arrival times. In order to stagger arrivals and ensure there is no crowding or queuing at Piccadilly, please stick to the following arrival schedule:

Edward 8.30 – 8.35 Ridley 8.25 – 8.30
Elizabeth 8.35 – 8.40 Wakefield 8.20 – 8.25
Grafton 8.15 – 8.20

NB The induction session and assembly on Monday 15th June is likely to take up a little of period 1 on that day.

Q: Will the School offer any boarding provision during the remainder of the Summer Term?

Unfortunately, we cannot alter arrangements to accommodate the return of boarders this term, but we are working hard on arrangements in anticipation of next term.

Q: If I choose to keep my child at home, will they still be able to learn remotely alongside their peers who are on site?

Yes – Science and English classes will be recorded and made available through Firefly and Modern Foreign Languages and Mathematics classes will have teachers available to provide support for those not able to participate fully in face to face lessons through Zoom and Firefly.

Q: Will my child be required to wear school uniform?

No. Please send in your child in their own clothes or in sports kit if they will participate in sport during the afternoon. Pupils are strongly advised to bring a waterproof jacket (or similar) in case of rain.

Q: Which items must my child bring with them to school?

A snack for break time, a water bottle, own clothes, laptop, books and pencil case. They should also bring any sports equipment that they might need for the afternoon (e.g. pads, helmet, bat etc. for cricket; tennis racket) or their musical instrument if they wish to do music practice.

Q: Must laptops and any other items be kept at school?

No, please ensure your child brings all learning equipment home at the end of each School day; your child will need a laptop to do homework and for continuing remote learning.

Q: If my child usually travels to school by train or school minibus, can they still do so?

Train travel is not within the School’s remit, but the government wishes to minimise the number of pupils travelling by public transport. For this reason, the school minibuses will not be running this term. We ask you to bring your child to School by car, on foot or by bicycle if at all possible.

Q: If I am driving to drop my child off at school where should I be dropping them off?

Please come to the main car park, from where signage will clearly indicate where your child should go. On the first day, there will be an Assembly in Charter Hall for all returning pupils at 8.45am.

Q: Will temperature checks be taken upon arrival at the School?

Yes. The School has a mobile thermal scanner with which we shall check the temperature of all arriving pupils in the morning, as pupils pass through the foyer outside Piccadilly and at other times of day. We have discreet areas set aside to re-check anyone with a raised temperature and the Medical Centre manager will be on hand to deal with all medical issues.

Q: Is my child allowed to wear a face covering and will they be penalised if they do not?

Yes, children and staff members may choose to wear a face covering to protect against transmission of the virus. However this is not compulsory. The School will not provide PPE to pupils or staff except in cases where medics recommend it. We do not anticipate any such situations.

Q: Which curriculum subjects will be taught?

English, Mathematics, Sciences and Modern Foreign Languages will be taught.

Q: Which co-curriculum subjects will be offered?

1.  The Options

There are 3 sports options available: cricket nets, tennis and whole-body workouts. The Music School will also be available in the afternoon for pupils who wish to practise instead of playing sport.

2. The requirements for each are as follows

         a. Cricket

  • 3 nets only open for use to ensure social distancing is achievable.
  • Maximum of 5 people per net (1 batsman/woman, 3 bowlers, 1 padding up).
  • For those wishing to bat, they must bring their own equipment, including helmet, bat, pads etc.  We cannot loan out any batting equipment.
  • Pupils are encouraged to bring their own ball. For those that do not have their own ball to bring, they will be loaned one for the remainder of term.  They are required to bring it with them to each session.
  • Cones will be arranged to ensure social distancing when queuing to bowl.

          b. Tennis

  • Singles play only
  • Pupils encouraged to bring their own racket and balls.
  • For those without own equipment, the School will loan a racket and 2 balls.  The racket is to be returned at the end of each session and the teacher will disinfect before storing away.  The balls are to be marked by each pupil to signify it is their own ball.  Pupils must only handle their own tennis balls.

          c. Whole Body Fitness

  • A series of whole-body workouts on the field and surrounding areas.
  • No equipment required and socially distanced exercises will be used.

          d. Music

  • Pupils wishing to practise will need to bring their own instruments with them. Pianos will be available. Pianos and piano stools will be disinfected before and after each session.

3. General notices

  • Pupils to go directly to their session of choice – no attending the sports hall for registration. Registers will be taken at the activity itself.
  • In wet weather, tennis and fitness will proceed but not cricket. Those ordinarily opting for cricket will need to join either session.
  • Pupils strongly advised to bring a waterproof jacket (or similar) in case of rain.
  • In the case of inclement weather, pupils can opt to return home rather than attend the Games session if they wish. Parents should email if they are planning on picking up their children early.

4.  Selection of activity

  • Pupils should email Mr Harrison ( by 9am on Monday 15th June at the latest to indicate which of the above activities they would like to join.

Q: Will pupils be provided with lunch and snacks?

A packed lunch will be available on each day. Pupils should bring their own filled water bottle and any other snacks they might need. Vending machines, the Piccadilly Cafe, Break Out tuck shop etc will not be available.

Q: Will pupils and staff have access to hand washing facilities and/or hand sanitiser?

Yes. There are hand sanitising stations placed at key points around the campus and especially around the Charter Block where all lessons will take place. Toilets in the Mathematics block and Charter Block will be open for pupils’ use and they will frequently be cleaned and disinfected.

Q: Where will my child spend their break and lunch times?

If the weather is fair, break and lunchtimes will be spent outside on the lawns by the tennis courts and opposite the dining hall. If the weather is poor, pupils will need to spend break and lunch times in Charter Hall, where named desks will be arranged at 2m spacings.

Q: What happens if my child becomes unwell while at School?

If a child becomes unwell while at school, they will be escorted to the Medical Centre and kept until the Medical Centre Manager can arrange collection by parents.

Q: What will the procedure be if any pupil or staff member tests positive for Covid-19?

Pupils will have temperature checked on arrival at school and they will be asked if they have any other symptoms of COVID-19. If they are symptomatic they will not be allowed access to the one-way system but they will be escorted to the Medical Centre and kept until the Medical Centre Manager can arrange collection by parents.

All testing will be in accordance with government guidelines but testing of pupils remains the responsibility of parents and guardians to arrange and undertake. King Edward’s Witley will advise on how to go about arranging the test. If any member of the school community is contacted by track-and-trace they must adhere to the instructions given and should inform the School.

The Medical Centre is considered large enough to handle the isolation of pupils requiring isolation between June and July. This is due to the fact the pupils will only remain for a short time before collection by parents. Isolation if waiting for test results for a pupil or a member of their household will be undertaken in the family home and will be for 14 days. Any person with symptoms must be tested as government instruction. If in September larger numbers return this will be reviewed as the Medical Centre alone may not be adequate for the isolation needs of boarders.

Q: What are the arrangements for the end of the school day?

Pupils should be collected from the main car park from 4pm.

Q: When will the School be in a position to communicate its plans for the Autumn Term?

We look forward to welcoming back our pupils in September, as you will see below. If any changes to our published return dates are necessary, in response to government advice or any other reason, we shall inform you promptly.

Wednesday 2nd September Thursday 3rd September Friday 4th September
15.00 New boarders arrive

18.30 Returning boarders arrive

Day pupils return

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