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Chapel Choir Venice visit – day 5

28th January 2020

Heavy fog descended on Venice for our final morning. Looking out over the Giudecca it was hard to see boats close by yet alone over to the Zattere and San Marco. After checking out of our rooms, we caught the boat to San Giorgio Maggiore built by the great Palladio. The white classical facade was the last view that prisoners saw on the way to the dungeons in the Doges’ Palace. Their sighs were heard as they last saw this view of Venice hence the so-called Bridge of Sighs. It was back onto the boat as we headed for Piazza San Marco for one last time. Deserted and shrouded by fog, it took on a somewhat different character to the past few days.

First we visited the interior of San Marco. Unlike yesterday it was not lit, but was still just as imposing. We could appreciate the sheer scale of the building the mosaics that not only covered the ceilings but also the floor. We climbed a precarious staircase to visit the museum and see the magnificent horses of San Marco. It was then out onto the terrace overlooking the piazza and Doges’ Palace. At that moment, the sun burned through the fog and suddenly the whole scene took on a completely different character.

After a little free time we headed back to the Giudecca for lunch near the Youth Hostel. The time to say goodbye to Venice arrived all too soon and our launch was awaiting us. As we circled the island, thick fog had again descended upon the water and Venice disappeared from our view. Nonetheless lots of happy memories will linger for all and I am sure that many of the pupils will visit again and fall under its spell once more.

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