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Old Witleian captivates the Sixth Form pupils

15th October 2021

Old Witleian Scarlett Thornton (2011 – 2018) came back to visit the School last night to give an exhilarating talk to the Sixth Form psychology and biology pupils.

Scarlett graduated from Exeter University in June this year with a First Class Honours degree in Psychology.  She gave a fascinating talk based on the subject chosen for her research dissertation.  The pupils learned about mental resilience, the correlation between alcohol consumption and self-compassion, and the outcomes of frontal lobe damage to prisoners in rehabilitation.

The Lower and Upper Sixth Form pupils joining together for Scarlett’s presentation proved a to be a great example of interdepartmental collaboration.  The pupils very much enjoyed meeting Scarlett and listening to her give a talk on such fascinating and in-depth subjects.  Scarlett’s fascinating presentation on psychology and biology was extremely well received by all the pupils who filled the science lab.

Dr Attwell, Head of Psychology, who organised the evening was delighted with the audience interaction and thanked Scarlett sincerely for visiting the School.




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