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NHS Careers Event a Success at King Edward’s

6th December 2021

In a fast moving, funny and exciting show focusing on the hugely wide variety of career options within the NHS, three actors from Enact Solutions gave an inspirational performance to the 3rd Form in Charter Hall this morning.

The National Health Service is the 5th largest employer in the world. With a total of over 1.3 million people in England, there are boundless opportunities within Health and Care which range across many areas. Over a period of 40 minutes, two of the three actors seamlessly and cleverly became a large assortment of different characters such as doctors, nurses, care workers, midwives, phlebotomists, porters, art/music therapists, diet and nutritionists to name just a few. The third actor stayed in just one role throughout playing a teenager who is bored and disinterested with his life at school.

Deciding one morning to play truant for the day, he wanders off looking for something exciting to do. Along the way, he meets several people who work at the local large hospital who start talking to him. They tell him about their job, their experiences and expertise and how they started working at the NHS, either through college or university diplomas and degrees, apprenticeships, or starting out as a volunteer. Fascinated, he asks lots of questions about the variety of jobs and the differing entry points focusing on qualifications and experience.

The expeditious diversity of the characters kept the 3rd Form audience captivated. The show was both stimulating and inspiring, the actors cramming so much excellent information into a short period of time. Mrs Davies, Head of Careers and Higher Education, who organised this event said “I encourage pupils to research and be curious about the variety of work opportunities available. This performance was such a treat as it helped us explore careers in the NHS in a fun and innovative way. Our thanks to Enact Solutions for this inspiring presentation.”

The show was enjoyed by all, below are just some of the quotes from the 3rd Form pupils:

“It was very inspiring – I’d never thought of working for the NHS before.”
“The performers were funny and it was enjoyable to watch.”
“It made me think about all the different jobs out there.”
“This really inspired me to work in the NHS. There are so many more jobs than I thought. I really enjoyed it. “
“The show was very informative, entertaining and taught me a lot about the different jobs in the NHS.”
“I found the entire job system incredibly interesting. I am considering jobs like Psychology or Activity Manager to help the patients.”
“It was fun and informative for the whole school.”

A big thank you to Mrs Davies for organising such an enlightening event and to the three brilliant actors from Enact Solutions.

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