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Head Boy: Christopher Beverley OW 1966

8th January 2024

When did you come to King Edward's Witley?

I joined King Edwards in 1958 ( at the very tender age of 10) and left after my year as Head Boy in 1966.

What was the highlight of your time at King Edward's Witley?

It is quite easy for me to recall the best memory/highlight. It was being able to meet our President, who was then Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, on two occasions. The second occasion was the opening of the new science block when I was able to welcome Her Majesty along with the Head Girl, Kathryn Harker. This event eventually led to my wife and I receiving a letter of congratulations from Her Majesty on the occasion of our wedding several years later.

What were your favourite subjects?

My favourite lessons were Biology with Miss McKinnon, and anything with Mrs Kirkman.
The school choir featured in my whole school life with the exception of a summer term when I waited patiently for my voice to break. Anything connected with drama was always a pleasure, even though it did precipitate a comment from the then Headmaster, Gordon Humphreys, after a production of ‘The Merchant of Venice’ which  for some reason I had to learn to juggle, that if all else fails I might find a job in a circus!
Sporting activities were never my forte. I well recall Trevor Corey writing on my report “shows no natural aptitude”.

What did life after school hold?

After leaving school, and then university, I embarked  upon a career in the Law, working as a solicitor in a small provincial firm of solicitors specialising in divorce and family matters. This career choice may well have been as a result of a further comment about my future from Gordon Humphreys saying: “what about the law, he’s always interfering in everyone else’s business he might as well get paid for it!” I like to think it was a good choice by both of us.
I spent the last 14 years of my working life as the town’s Deputy Coroner, an immensely interesting and rewarding role, sitting well alongside my position as a consultant in the law practice.
Prior to retirement I began to work as a volunteer trustee at our local hospice and  also as Chairman of our children’s hospice, a role which concluded after a 12 year period in November 2023. I was very honoured to be appointed the first ever Vice President of Brain House to support our President Sir Bill Beaumont, the former rugby player, and currently I still continue as a volunteer.

What does retirement hold?

Such spare time as we have will frequently find my wife and I on board an ocean liner in some part of the world.

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