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Message from Mr Corran 27 August

In line with the Government’s latest advice we have reopened for all year groups to return to School from the beginning of the Autumn Term. Please see our term dates here.

A message from Mr Corran, Deputy Head, about arrangements for the start of term

27th August 2020

“As promised, I am writing with a full update on arrangements for the start of the Autumn Term 2020. As I have previously said, we very much look forward to welcoming all pupils to School during the week beginning 1st September. However, I should like to reassure you that everyone at School recognises that travel restrictions may make this difficult for some pupils especially those who live abroad; we will make every effort to manage this without disadvantaging them.

We recognise that no measures can guarantee protection against COVID-19 and that rigorous social distancing measures are difficult to achieve in a boarding school environment. On the other hand, social distancing is an effective means of reducing the risk of viral transmission. Therefore, we intend to create social groupings of smaller, discrete groups of pupils. This will allow all pupils to benefit from peer-group friendships and everything the School has to offer. The guiding principles that we have followed are to provide the best possible education, in a broad and balanced curriculum, while being clear about the primacy of keeping everyone well by effectively reducing risks within an inherently safe environment.

 The School’s risk assessment may be found here; it provides an overview of the arrangements and explains our management of the risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

I do recognise that this long letter focuses on the challenges ahead of us all over coming months. It is worth observing, by way of contrast, that this is also an exciting time to be involved in learning and teaching. There has never been a better time for everyone involved in education to think again about the fundamentals of our shared endeavour: how to draw out from young people, the very best of their qualities of curiosity, empathy, leadership, resilience and rigour. Teachers have spent much time individually and in departments, testing new ideas and techniques that will encourage and enable your children to work independently, improve their ability to use IT effectively and to communicate. These qualities will be valuable both during and after the time of COVID. I am sure I join you in eager anticipation of that moment.”

The reopening of schools in the UK in September brings with it a number of challenges both in terms of the operation of the schools themselves but more importantly in the safety of the children placed in our care by you. At King Edward’s we are adhering to all the guidelines issued by the UK Department of Education and Public Health England. The following outlines how we intend on ensuring your child remains in a safe environment where they can flourish as part of the King Edward’s community.

This is not an exhaustive list and the School Operating during COVID-19 risk assessment is dynamic and will continue to reflect the changing guidelines.

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